“Old time atmosphere make us miss the past memory”. Today we will take you back to the past at Plearnwan Huahin. This place resembles an old market in 2499 with building, restaurants, toys, souvenirs, outdoor cinema and Ferris wheel. You and your kids will be in old day atmosphere and experience some rare items which hardly find nowadays.

If you only want to indulge with the previous time and ancient atmosphere, you can easily heading to the museum or just read it in a book. What make Plearnwan so special than any other places is where you can really feel that you are step back in the old time in many ways, such as eating old classic snacks like crushed banana (Kluay tab), drinking old style coffee, eating nougat (Tang me) or enjoy eating other classic desserts which hardly find at these days

After strolling and eating with full stomach, kids may be bored of this place. However, it has the retro style toys which a game in smartphone is only an imagination of old days. For example, the mask Raiders, rubbers string together to play a jumping and grasshopper made from the leaves. Some family might be surprised that the fathers may buy those toys as the souvenirs more than the kids do because they could not play it when they were young!

Not only that, Plearnwan also arranges the activities as well. On the second floor has the bar which opens in the evening. A traditional temple fair theme with games such as Pa Pong (similar with dartboard), Soi dao (wishing tree), Tak kai (get the lucky egg from the pool). At night has an outdoor cinema too which remind us of going back to the past when the outdoor cinema can be watched at the temple only.

If you are still not satisfy with those activities, they do provide an accommodation for you to absorb full atmosphere of the good old day. “Piman Plearnwan” is the name of the hotel located here.

If you want to go to this place, you can ask the direction from Thaihomeaway staff. We also have a car rent service with reasonable price for you to enjoy traveling in Hua Hin city on your own.

Car rental rates:

  • Motorcycle: 250THB/ day
  • Motorcycle: 1,600THB/ week
  • Motorcycle: 5,500THB/ month
  • Bicycle: 100THB/ day
  • Bicycle: 500THB/ week
  • Bicycle: 1,500THB/ month


Open every day from 11.00 – 24.00hrs

Temple fair games

Sundays – Thursdays 16.00 – 22.00hrs

Fridays – Saturdays 16.00 – 24.00hrs

Telephone: 032-520-311, 032-520-312

No entrance fee

Map of Plearnwan

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