The Venezia Huahin, an Italian style city of water in Huahin – Cha-am.

The Venuzia Huahin is one of the popular Italian theme park in Huahin at the moment with the investment of more than 1,200 million baht in the area of 46 rai. Its design inspired by Venice, a city of water which is a capital city of Veneto, Italy. Inside there are shopping complex mall, restaurants and other activity zones to entertain all visitors while walking around tirelessly.

After you get into the Venezia Huahin you will be stunning by seeing St. Mark Square and Bell Tower replica which are the world famous tourist destinations. In front of them is the dancing fountain dances cheerfully. If you want to see a sparkling light and sound at the dancing fountain, we recommend you to visit in the evening time when the light on which is more glamorous than at the day time.

If you walk back from St. Mark Square you will find Grand Canal right in the center of Venezia Huahin with more than 200 meters long. The tourists can rent a gondola boat cruise along and indulge the romantic architecture and atmosphere while taking a photo. At this canal there are 4 bridges which are another attraction spots for tourists to take a photo.

If you still do not get enough in exploring with cruising, there is a mini train riding to take you and your kids around the complex with only THB50.

After pampering yourself with cruising and riding, The Venezia Huahin introduces 3D Art Gallery to all visitors to have an amusement moment in putting themselves in being a part of 3D pictures. There are more than 60 pictures in the gallery tempting all photographers to have fun in revealing their incredible creativity with 3D pictures.

Last but not least. There is a mini Farm or mini Zoo here too! You will feel exactly the same with visiting the zoo but it comes with a smaller size. The highlight animals are sheep, horses, rabbits, hens and deer. The animal lovers will enjoy watching and feeding them closely.

If you want to go to this place, you can ask the direction from Thaihomeaway staff. We also have a car rent service with reasonable price for you to enjoy traveling in Hua Hin city on your own.

Car rental rates:

  • Motorcycle: 250THB/ day
  • Motorcycle: 1,600THB/ week
  • Motorcycle: 5,500THB/ month
  • Bicycle: 100THB/ day
  • Bicycle: 500THB/ week
  • Bicycle: 1,500THB/ month


Activities in The Venezia Huahin

  • Gondola cruising: 450THB/ trip (The seats in a gondola limited to 4 person)
  • Mini train riding: 50THB/ person
  • Mini zoo
  • Play land
  • Morning market
  • Horse drawn carriage: 480THB/ trip. The seats limited to 4 person (10 minutes)

MAP OF The Venezia Huahin

Hua Hin is not far from Bangkok much and there are a lot of tourist places. There are several ways to go to Hua Hin, either take a train and get off at Hua Hin railway station or take a van from Victory monument (Bangkok) where it will drop you at Hua Hin market or you can easily drive by yourself.
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